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Cáp điều khiển 6300FL (Grey)
Cáp điều khiển 6300FL (Grey)
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Cáp điều khiển 6300FL (Grey)
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Mã: 6300FL

Cáp điều khiển 6300FL (Grey)

Cáp điều khiển  Cáp điều khiển
General Description:
Fire Alarm Cable, Plenum-FPLP, 2-18 AWG stranded bare copper conductors with Flamarrest® insulation,Overall Beldfoil® shield, Flamarrest®jacket with ripcord

Usage (Overall)
Suitable Applications: Fire Protections, Alarm, Signal, Monitor/Detection, Audio Circuits, Control Circuits, Initiating Circuits, Notification Circuits
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