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Belden's Dedicated Hospitality Team is Ready to Help
10/08/2020 13:54:38
One Hand To Shake Belden has everything you need to create an intelligentinfrastructure. To provide time and cost savings, we’ll help you coordinate your project from start to finish, find a consultant and choose a contractor. Simplify project management with a single infrastructure partner.
Goverment Solutions
10/08/2020 13:29:21
Belden help government agencies support and transmit massive amounts of data - classified, private an public - at local, regional and national levels.
New! Comprehensive Cybersecurity through Next-Generation Firewall
10/08/2020 13:19:35
Industrial networks continuously turn to automation to enhance productivity. With that trend comes an increase in cyber risk and performance demark. The new Hirschmann EAGLE40-03 industrial firewall brings configurable cybersecurity to the factory floor.
Hirschmann – The Technology and Market Leader in Industrial Networking
29/07/2020 13:30:45
To support your business goals, your network demands performance, security, productivity, reliability and efficiency. Hirschmann understands these needs and offers a complete, integrated structure for data communication throughput that truly protects your investment.
Camera thông minh cảnh báo sớm cháy nổ
11/09/2018 23:06:57
Camera thông minh tích hợp cảm biến Nhiệt độ, Độ ẩm và Khói
Bộ thu phát không dây chuyên dụng cho thang máy
11/09/2018 22:58:41
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